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A service for mobile app detecting driving events which are then used to ask the Cloud for suggestions in order to improve driving behaviours by directing car components and getting advantages as: lower fuel and maintenance costs, increased safety, reduced environmental impact (pollution, traffic, noise).


Telematics operators to enhance services and mobile apps supporting safe and environmentally sustainable driving

Insurance Companies for customer engagement through mobile apps aimed at measuring and improving driving behaviours

Public Bodies and Associations for campaigns to raise awareness of safe and environmentally sustainable driving

Car Manufacturers for the promotional launch of new car models

Specialized Media to bolster its image of attention for safety and environment


It allows the rapid developmentof COACHING functions that can be integrated within mobile apps of clients

It provides its own content db which can be alternatively given by the client and easily imported to the application

The detection of driving conditions and the app connection to the Cloud services for the coach takes place through a mobileSDK (Software Development Kit) and a REST API (Application Program Interface) which can be used by the client to expand his/her mobile app

The suggestions coming from the app can be given to the user through speech synthesis (TextToSpeech)

Thanks to a management console the content database can be analysed, suggestions can be tested in a simulation of the driving condition, the right balance of parameters can be analysed



DRIVE COACH is a coaching platform inCloud.

It provides suggestions based on the analysis of the driving conditions (driving style, weather conditions, traffic, etc.)

The Client (Insurance company, Car maker, Public Body, etc.) creates an account and a tariff plan.

The Client can import his/her database of suggestions within the Cloud and use his/her suggestions to be given to the driver

The Client develops his/her own mobile app through a mobile SDK and the RESTAPI  which are used to ask for suggestions to the Cloud.

The Client gives the developed app to the final users who will get driving suggestions using the app

The Client can access a management console where the content database can be analysed, suggestions can be tested in a simulation of the driving conditions, the right balance of parameters can be analysed.

Moreover, thanks to the console, the Client can see all the information concerning the access of final users through the app


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